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Position: Director / Founder / Webmaster/ Camera Tech / Paranormal Author

Profile: I first became interested in ghosts as a young boy when my dad would tell me stories about his experiences in the old Plumer mansion where he worked. I have been studying and investigating the paranormal for seventeen years and have had several personal encounters with the "unknown."  I am co-author of our newest book, Haunted Wausau "The Ghostly History Of Big Bull Falls".  I also have articles in several other books, some of which are -  Encyclopedia of Haunted Places - by Jeff Belanger,  Famous Wisconsin Ghosts and Ghost Hunters - by Hannah Heidi Levy & Brian Borton, 21st Century Ghosts - by Jason Karl, Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places - by Brad Steiger and Weird Wisconsin - by Linda S. Godfrey & Richard D. Hendricks. I have also appeared on an episode of Travel Channel's "Dead Files" season #8, episode #5 "The Darkening".

I'm a member of the Marathon County Historical Society and the WPRS is listed as a
T.A.P.S. family member and representative for The State Of Wisconsin.

I have a degree in Criminal Science from Northcentral Technical College and hold a certification in Corrections, Fire Science and Scuba Diving.

I am available to speak to any community groups upon request on ghost investigations and/or local area hauntings. I'm also available to provide private ghost tours for small or large groups for a small fee.           





Position: Co Director / Senior Investigator / Research Specialist / Paranormal Author

Profile: Studying paranormal phenomena has been a life-long hobby of Anji’s. She is co-author of Haunted Wausau: The Ghostly History of Big Bull Falls. Originally from Cincinnati, Anji has lived in Central Wisconsin since 2001. She works as a congregational administrator and is pursuing her Master’s in Transnational Human Services at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.




Position: Senior Investigator / Draft Specialist

Betsy has been interested in the paranormal for a long time, having grown up in a house with residual ghosts (one human, one feline).  She has also seen a UFO and has had an out-of-body experience.  Her interest in the paranormal led her to take a Downtown Wausau Ghost Tour on Halloween, and one year later she became a member of the Wausau Paranormal Research Society, helping lead the tours.  Betsy approaches ghost hunting with a very scientific viewpoint and holds a Bachelor’s degree in forestry and soil science.




Position:  Senior Investigator / Paranormal Author 

Sharon has been interested in the paranormal since childhood and has experienced many unexplainable occurrences, all of which have led to her interest in paranormal investigations.  She is co-author of our new book, Haunted Wausau "The Ghostly History Of Big Bull Falls".  Sharon is a veteran of the US Army, where she served as a Morse Code Intercept Operator in the United States and Korea.  She has an Associate Degree in Accounting and a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and is currently employed in the Social Services field.





Position: Senior Investigator / Equipment Specialist

My interest in the paranormal began a few years back when I spoke with a few members of WPRS. What really intrigued me about the group is their professionalism and knowledge about paranormal phenomena. I have an Associate Degree in Police Science. The greatest enjoyment I receive from being a member of the WPRS is being able to help families or individuals with their problems or concerns they may be experiencing with the paranormal.




Position: Investigator

I became interested in the paranormal at a very young age.  Being a fan of ghost shows, I've decided to conduct investigations with others resulting in some personal experiences of my own. That made me want to join the WPRS even more.  I am beyond excited to begin my journey with the group and hope I can help everyone who comes to us.




Position: Investigator

From a very young age I have asked: Why? That has not stopped into my adult years. I continue to search for unknown answers by devouring books, TV and documentary shows, and by helping others through WPRS explain what they cannot.  I have a BA in Communication from St. Norbert College (No wonder Ghost Tours are my favorite time of the year!).  I look forward to more questions that will arise and answers that may come while in WPRS! 




Position: Investigator

As an avid reader, I enjoy continually learning about the paranormal. I hope to apply the information I learn toward investigations and helping individuals that contact the WPRS. I’ve lived in the central WI area my entire life and enjoy the varied history. I’m excited about joining the group and look forward to investigating the unknown.





Position: Senior Investigator

I have been interested in the paranormal since childhood.  I'm interested in Ghosts, Cryptids, Shadow People, UFOs, and unexplainable phenomena.  I am a former member of the WPRS and I've had personal experiences at home and while investigating.  I'm an Air Force veteran and served as a Security Specialist while stationed in the United Kingdom and United States.  I have an Associate Degree in Police Science and am a certified Corrections Officer in WI.  I would like to say it's a pleasure for me to be able to rejoin the WPRS as an investigator.




Position: Investigator In Training

For as long as I can remember, perhaps as early as 3 years old, I have regularly encountered strange things or feelings that I could just not explain. Though these experiences used to terrify me, that fear has grown into a fascination, and has ultimately led me to taking the first steps in becoming a paranormal investigator. I love to read and learn, and this opportunity will enable me to not only further my knowledge, but also help those who may be at a loss as to what they are experiencing.

Proud mother and wife, and currently working as a CNA. I plan to pursue a degree in Nursing this coming fall at Fox Valley Technical College.